Gartshore Counsellor
Ian Gartshore

Ian Gartshore, M.Th., R.C.C. #2560

Ian is the lead therapist at Shore Counselling Services. Ian is valued for working professionally with individuals and families for more than 30 years. His clients are also his teachers; he learns from them and incorporates this learning into his practice with other clients. Consequently his clients feel respected, and they make significant progress.


Ian firmly believes that good things come out of disasters, pain, failure and such. He has proven this in his life, and witnessed it in the lives of at least one thousand clients. Indeed, without pain, few of us make meaningful (and needed!) changes in our lives.


As a fully trained Marriage and Family Therapist that includes Doctoral work in this field, and as a trained supervisor of at least two dozen students, Ian brings knowledge, wisdom and experience to his practice.


His clients get results.


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Bonnie Doupe (nee Bergen), Masters of Counselling, C.C.C.


Please note that Bonnie is currently not accepting new clients.

Bonnie has an extensive background with clients of Special Needs and their families. She holds two counselling diplomas and a Master’s degree in Counselling.


Bonnie loves working with people, and places a high priority on connecting with her clients so they may do their best work.


She is developing skills in several areas and is particularly interested in modalities called Emotionally Focused Therapy and Motivational Interviewing.  These help clients feel secure and do better in relationships, an area of passion for her.

Bonnie is also trained in EMDR, a clinically-proven method of assisting clients work through shocks and traumas.

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