Marriage / Couples & Family Therapy

All relationships go through difficulties, especially relationships that are worth keeping.

 Your relationship, or one with a loved-one, is no exception. It is precisely at the time of crisis that an opportunity offers itself to make the relationship(s) stronger than ever before. Then your communication is way easier, and even fun!


Couples: "Falling out of love" is normal. You can have that feeling back -and experience an even better relationship. Like anything of value it takes effort and commitment. For your sake, and that of your children (even grown ones!), don't wait to get help.  Check out the Keys to a Healthy Relationship tab, and consider seeking professional assistance, even if only to improve your already good relationship.

Ian Gartshore

Families: Having difficulty with your children? Making healthy changes to the whole family is the most effective way to have a happy, well-functioning, family. Why? Because none of us are strictly individuals. Relationships have profound impacts on us. It is extremely difficult for an individual to make changes without corresponding changes in their relationships with others. Working with families is proven to have a far greater impact on the level of functioning of all involved, and thus a much greater likelihood of a successful outcome.


Few have the training and experience of Ian Gartshore. Ian completed doctorate-level courses in the specialised field of Marriage and Family therapy, plus one thousand hours of supervised clinical work and on-going mutual supervision. Learn more about Ian here.


If you value your relationships, choose the best.


The following videos are of Ian revealing how couples can have more rewarding communication and relationships.