Communication problems

Are you feeling stuck, depressed, angry, frustrated or anxious? Is your most important relationship headed for the rocks? 


It doesn't have to be this way.


Your problems are actually a key to launching into a better way of living. With the right assistance you can be enjoying a more fulfilling, healthy, connected and energetic life. The most important step after admitting that you haven't been able to improve things is to access the resources that will improve your life.


Check out the many tips on this website. If you wish assistance we are happy to see individuals, couples and families. We also address work-place conflict.

All relationships go through ups and downs. When you find your most important relationship is not working -with a partner/spouse, child, parent, sibling, etc. then is the time to change it in a positive way!


You will find tips on this website. Do check them out. If you want to make a real improvement, and realise you need help, we are an e-mail or phone-call away. The pain you now feel can be turned into joy.

Couples -Turning grief into harmony

When you as a couple are ready to move forward, choose an effective, experienced, highly trained and respectful therapist. Even if your partner isn't ready, there are things you can do to get the process started.


Who is Ian? Following a Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy Ian did Doctoral work in this specialised field, coupled with 1000 hours of clinical supervised experience. He has had two decades of assisting more than one thousand people as they made significant positive changes in their lives. Ian has also supervised many local therapists who speak highly of their experiences.  


Ian created Shore Counselling as a private practise. A year later he and others turned it into a non-profit Society. He ran Shore Counselling Society for a decade, during which thousands of people were assisted with relationship, gambling, anger, anxiety and many other issues.. After he left as its Executive Director the agency's name was changed to Island Integrated Counselling Society. A year later Ian again embraced the former name for his own practise.


Ian runs Shore Wellness Solutions, the parent company to Shore Counselling. Shore Wellness Solutions offers a wide variety of health services in the belief that wellness is a choice, not chance.


Today Ian assists individuals, couples and families to find meaningful perspectives and decisions that honour who they are, to improve troubled relationships, and to live life more fully.


You (and others) do not have to suffer. You can do better. Get the assistance you need. Contact us.


Please note that this website's materials are for educational purposes only and do not replace professional counselling. These materials are not intended for those experiencing critical symptoms such as suicidal thoughts, for which emergency help should be sought.

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