The fee is normally $150/individuals, $160/couples and families per full hour (including tax). Most therapists offer only 50 minute sessions. Some local psychologists with similar training to Ian charge $200 per 50 minutes.


If this seems too much, ask yourself this question: "what is my health and my relationship truly worth?" If you are losing work time, quality time with others, missed opportunities that have financial consequences, the cost to your children (now and in the future) or perhaps a separation (living in different residences is costly!) or even a divorce (check out the cost of hiring one or two lawyers), then is the cost of improving your life that expensive?


Sliding fees are possible for a limited number of clients per week. Call and we can talk. Can't afford anything close to $150-$160 per session? Ian supervises well-trained students through the non-profit Island Counselling Society. Phone: 250-716-8888.


Hours are weekdays, and can be flexible. Some evening hours are offered whenever day-time appointments are impossible. If your health or your relationship is important then call.

What can I expect in an appointment?

Appointments are normally about 60 minutes in length, usually spaced once a week at the start (for optimal benefit).


You can expect respect, confidentiality and a no-nonsense approach that quickly gets to the root of the problems and moves toward solutions that you determine. I do not "counsel" (as does a lawyer); I help you find the solutions that will propel your life and/or relationship forward.


I do not "psycho-analyze" you, but help you to draw on your strengths, assist you to curtail your problematic patterns, learn from your mistakes, turn your problems into opportunities, and free you to live life well.


In order to protect your identity please note that your mobile device's GPS tracking function may identify you as coming to my office. Using e-mails or social media to communicate is not secure. Whenever possible please call (250-754-0698).


For more information about the above, do read this disclosure/agreement, especially should you wish to engage in my services.

Areas of expertise

  • Relationship issues (marriage, couples, family, work)
  • Conflict resolution (marriage, couples, family, work)
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Self-esteem, self-respect, self-love
  • Creating healthy boundaries
  • Abuse (past and current)
  • Shame (addictions, gambling, infidelity, relationship issues)
  • Sexual problems


Employee Assistance Plans (EAP) & others

Yes! If your plan includes Registered Clinical Counsellors then we can make arrangements.


Other plans may also cover your sessions, such as Victim Services, First Nations, and others. Begin by asking the agency responsible for covering the sessions if you are covered for my services. If not, it may be possible to have my name added to their list.

To make a payment

You can make a payment for the service in $20 increments by choosing the number needed to match the total.


Thank you


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